Thursday, December 27, 2012

Announcing the Release of MINE 'TIL MONDAY

One of my all-time favorite romance storylines is the marriage of convenience, interpreted for modern readers - where two people are forced to marry or pretend to marry to further some other goal. Often, a man needs a woman to stand in as a wife to advance his business interests. Wouldn't it be fun, I thought, to turn that upside down? 

In MINE 'TIL MONDAY, Dorothy Albright's would-be boss is looking for a specific kind of person to run her beloved company - a married person. And since the boss loves golf, Dorothy contacts her one old friend who's not only a golfer but an ex-pro - her childhood companion, "Mud" Taylor. Mud agrees to play Dorothy's mate for the weekend to fulfill a promise made long ago, but as they struggle to convince the rest of the world they're in love, they start having a hard time remembering that they're actually not.

(P.S. Isn't this a darling cover? I have to thank my designer, Kim Killion - I think this is one of her best ever!)

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