Friday, March 22, 2013

Try MINE 'TIL MONDAY for 99 cents!

In February, I offered A MAN FOR THE SUMMER as a free download on Amazon. Now, just over a month later, over 125,000 of you have downloaded a copy!  I couldn't be more delighted to introduce new readers to my work. Thank you to all of you!

Now, I'd like to offer you another of my small town romances at a steep discount: for the next month, you'll be able to buy MINE 'TIL MONDAY - a full-length romance novel - for .99 on Amazon. I hope you'll take this opportunity read more about dentist Junior Atkinson - whose father was expecting a boy and got a girl instead - and hunky travel writer Griff Ross.

Click here to purchase MINE 'TIL MONDAY for 99 cents!

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